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COMTELL specializes in the timely, accurate, and unbiased reporting of market to clients in the poultry, egg, meat, seafood, and related segments of the food industry.

What is Comtell?

COMTELL is the most trusted online database of protein market quotations, statistics and industry news.

Your subscription will give you unmatched perspective of the marketplace, allowing you to make more informed business decisions. Create a portfolio of items that matter to you most or set up alerts for when critical data is released. Market data, expert insight and industry news help you to uncover opportunities and economize capitol.
Why do many fortune 500 companies rely on COMTELL?

Urner Barry has over 150 years of experience covering the commodity protein markets. The company and its staff are trusted by the industry to provide unbiased, timely, and accurate data. Our history and sterling track record are why so many of these companies rely on the information available on COMTELL.
Our specialized reporters understand complex drivers of the markets they cover.

Some have over 30 years of experience canvassing a particular protein sector. Their knowledge and contact base are unmatched in the industry. They are a powerful resource, available only to COMTELL subscribers.