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Paul B. Brown Jr. - President
Richard A. Brown - Senior Vice President
Michael W. O'Shaughnessy - Senior Vice President

Paul B. Brown Jr. -Shrimp, Frozen Shellfish, Frozen Fillets
James P. Kenny - Shrimp, Frozen Shellfish
Nicole West - Fresh Fish & Shellfish, Aquaculture, NY Fulton Fresh Fish & Shellfish, Frozen Wholefish
Janice Schreiber - Salmon, Frozen Shellfish
Angel Rubio - Aquaculture, Frozen Fillets, Frozen Wholefish

Richard A. Brown - Egg Products
Randy Pesciotta - Eggs & Dairy
Brian Moscogiuri - Eggs & Egg Products

Michael W. O'Shaughnessy - Chicken
Russell W. Whitman - Turkey, Chicken and Mechanically Separated Poultry
Terence Wells - Turkey, Chicken and Mechanically Separated Poultry

Beef & Pork
Joseph A. Muldowney - Boxed Beef, Imported Beef, Certified Angus Beef, Boneless Beef and Trimmings, Varieties
James P. Kenny - Fresh Pork, Pork Processing Materials, Pork Variety Meats
Bruce Longo - Boxed Beef, Certified Angus Beef
William Smith - By-Products, Veal, Lamb, Imported Beef, Boneless Beef and Trimmings
Russell Barton - Fresh Pork, Pork Processing Materials, Pork Variety Meats, Imported Beef
Gary Morrison - Boxed Beef, Beef Variety Meats

Joseph A. Muldowney - Sales Manager
Haidee Elliot - Account Manager
Hank Hansen - Account Manager
Nicole West - Account Manager
Adam Sharkey - Account Manager
Meghan Miick - Account Manager

Janice Schreiber - Advertising
Terence Wells - Advertising

Print Services
Chris Ashley - Director of Operations
Glenn Juszczak - Sr. Graphic Designer
Jay Bailey - Account Manager
Shannon Ehrola- Production Assistant
Caroline Bober- Graphic Designer
Rachel Kelly - Customer Service
Jim Daly- Account Manager / Pressroom Supervisor

Sandi Veneziano - Customer Service Manager
Liz Cuozzo - Collections

General Support
Comtell Support
Prospector Support
Foreign Trade Support

Staff Writers
Linda Lindner - Staff Writer
Michael Ramsingh - News Staff Writer
Jamie Chadwick- Urner Barry Newswires Staff Writer
Curt Thacker -Urner Barry Newswires Staff Writer

Web Site
James P. Kenny - Suggestions and/or Comments



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